Work with No Size Limitations

pico small size

0.6” x 0.6” Size

Eliminate the limitations caused
by size and flexibility

pico native usb support

Native USB Support

Connect your PC using the very
popular USB micro

pico standard pin headers

Standard Pin Headers

Standard pin headers make it
easy to use breadboards 

pico preflashed bootloader

Preflashed Bootloader

PICO is ready to rock, straight
out of the box

pico spi pin outs

SPI Pin-Outs

Have extra bootloader
customization potential

pico clothing compatible

Clothing Compatible

Have the ability to attach it
to anything, including clothes

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Projects Ready for You to Build

Home Ambient Lighting

Home Ambient Lighting

In this project we are going to use PICO to create an ambient light that you can put anywhere in your house, and control using your phone. It uses PICO,...

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RGB Thermometer Using PICO

RGB Thermometer Using PICO

You will be creating an automated thermometer that changes its color depending on the temperature around it. It will be using a temperature sensor to read the surrounding temperature, and...

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Smart Home Lighting

Smart Home Lighting

Learn how to create a light system that automatically turns on or off, depending on the lighting conditions around it by using an LDR. You will learn how to work...

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Technical Details

Size:" style="width: 100%;">0.6" x 0.6"
Reset enable:1 pin/button
Weight:1.1 gramsMicrocontroller:ATmega32u4
Digital I/O pins:8Operating voltage:5 V
PWM channels:1Input voltage:7-12 V
Analog input channels:3Bootloader:Leonardo compatible
DC current per I/O pin:40 mAFlash memory:32KB (ATmega32u4) 4KB which are used by the bootloader
SRAM:2.5 (ATmega32u4)Clock speed:16 MHz
Size:" style="width: 100%;">0.6" x 0.6"
Weight:1.1 grams
Digital I/O pins:8
PWM channels:1
Analog input channels:3
DC current per I/O pin:40 mA
SRAM:2.5 (ATmega32u4)
Reset enable:1 pin/button
Operating voltage:5 V
Input voltage:7-12 V
Bootloader:Leonardo compatible
Flash memory:32KB (ATmega32u4) 4KB which are used by the bootloader
Clock speed:16 MHz

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